MAP On The Go!
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Benefits of MAP on the Go
Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness
Stress is the main word we use to define a combination of different emotions over a long period of time. The MAP Experience allows us to pick any subject that creates stress in our lives and transform it into relaxation and satisfaction. 
Train Your Brain To Work For You
Through reading and listening to others we learn but sometimes it's not enough to just read and learn something new. We need to take control over the main tool that either helps us create a life we love or a life we dread. The MAP Experience allows us to set up the stage so that we can command our brains to treat and heal anything that holds us back. 
Reduce Your Fear Of Public Speaking 
The Free MAP Experience is around reducing the fears and stresses around public speaking. Whether it's for Facebook Lives, 1 on 1 Conversations, Videos, Live Events or Webinars; These audios will allow you to train your brain to neutralize memories and have a more positive attitude on showing up in the world. 
It's Simple, Easy And Fast
The MAP Experience is different than hypnosis or NLP in a way that communication is not necessary and you don't need to put yourself in a deep vulnerable state in order to get profound and immediate results either. Once introduced the process takes minutes and creates lasting results. 
What's included?
In our 3 step tier plan 
  • Step #1 Intro Video
We explain how this program is laid out for you to get the best experience possible.
  • Step #2
    Subconscious Training Video
Train your subconscious mind with a 20 minute video that explains how our technique works and get all parts of you on board to get the most out of the session! 
  • Step #3
    Fear of Public Speaking Audio (Repeat Audio With Other Fears) 
Neutralize any fear of public speaking--the goal is to be able to go on TV, radio shows, podcasts, Facebook lives or speak to a 1,000 people. The great part of this audio is, you can listen to this audio over again for other subjects and take the results even deeper!
See what others are saying about MOG...

I felt stuck and there were anxieties that were showing up and creating problems in my life, I felt like I couldn’t move forward. 

Now my mind has more space to be more creative, stronger and more confident. 

Instead of feeling stuck, now I am so confident I am going out there and doing more, I am feeling unstoppable, And I’m actually achieving more, I’m just flat out more productive. And that’s what happens when you rewire your brain. 

I'm literally not the same person I was, I just don’t think the same way than i used to think before and that has made all the difference in my life and business.

Dee Robertson
Boot camp Instructor at Inside Out Fitness 

The journey was not only smoother, but when I accomplished something it was even better than I thought because I was preparing for it in a different way. It was so much easier and better when I did go beyond the doubt as I was going towards my goals. 

I was surprised with my own abilities to say I am going to do this and actually do it! 

With Valentin’s help it has supercharged my ability to maintain my intentions; so I don’t get caught up with everything in life. 

I stopped putting the important things on hold. I stopped getting so distracted by life and Valentin’s processes have helped me stay on track and do what is most important to me.

Vicky Sherman
An advanced Masters level Clinician & Coach

I have known Valentin for a number of months now and every time I talk to him he is passionate purposeful and productive. 

I have done the process he teaches and it has helped me get way more forward focused and clear in my businesses. 

If you want more income and impact from your business then I highly recommend learning from him!

Chris Duncan
Co-founder at PointB Education, 2x Best Selling Author, Speaker & Multiple Business owner

My business has boomed and I have made the largest commission ever in my real-estate career.

Johnny Ronca
Broker Associate at Reilly, Realtors & Founder at Love On Revolution

have people asking me questions like how are you so energetic, and vibrant and just so much energy all day every day. 

Like how do you get so much done it’s been like non-stop for a year and I don’t get burned out or anything. 

And it’s a tough question to answer without telling about MAP and how it helps me stay on track.

Cheri Aimée
#1 Best Selling Author, near death survivor & Leader of Busting Out Of Obscurity

I was really stuck, my business had plated, my income had topped out, and the harder I seemed to work the more I got frustrated every day! 

This really bothered me because I absolutely love what I do! After working with these processes I have never felt better, my business is one the rise, my income is starting to sore and I'm starting to get clients from unexpected places! 

This has made a huge impact in my life.

Stacy Richter
CEO at PinPoint Strategies

I felt stuck and anxiety ridden, after working with Valentin’s expertise I experienced peace and acceptance for the first time in my life. 

I woke up today free of anxiety and fired up to live out my purpose. 

Thank you for giving me physical proof I can live out my truth!

Jay Mcdonald
Co-chief Executive Officer at ANDRA Athletics

I have learned so much about how I can get in the zone and naturally boost my productivity and more importantly expand my business. 

I got to tell you out of everything he teaches I got some life changing golden nuggets that I honestly was missing from my day that have made all the difference in my productivity and my business.

Austin Sieben
Social Media Marketer, #1 International Best-Selling Author & 7x Canadian Jet Ski Champion.

I met Valentin and wow this guy has a passion for what he teaches about productivity and getting the impact and income you know you deserve in life. 

I know for me I was stuck in my career for a long time and I wish i had learned this sooner. 

If you want to get your time back go see Valentin he is the guy to do it!

Bob Dietrich
Founder at Speakers Resource Centre

I just attended a workshop with Valentin and wow I'm blown away. 

Because I'm a business owner and I'm busy, I’ve got a lot of things, and ya I have priorities but they get mixed up from hour to hour. 

But what Val taught me has helped me be more productive in less time and it’s been a total blessing for me and my team.

Barbara Khozam
Author & President at Barbara Khozam, Inc.
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